1. n
1) улучшение; прогресс; развитие
2) повышение, рост (цен, курсов); продвижение (по службе)
3) аванс, авансовый платеж
4) ссуда, кредит

- bank advance
- cash advance
- collateral advance
- economic advance
- freight advance
- money advance
- outstanding advance
- price advance
- secured advance
- sufficient advance
- technological advances
- travel advance
- uncovered advance
- wage advance
- advance against bills
- advance against collateral
- advance against a contract
- advance against goods
- advance against hypothecation of goods
- advance against payment
- advance against pledge of goods
- advance against promissory notes
- advance against reciprocal payments
- advance against securities
- advance against stocks
- advance as earnest money
- advance in the cost of living
- advance of funds
- advance of royalties
- advance of salary
- advance of wages
- advance on crops
- advance on current account
- advance on salary
- advances to suppliers and contractors
- advance free of interest
- against advance
- as an advance
- in advance
- ask for an advance
- get an advance
- grant an advance
- make an advance
- obtain an advance
- pay an advance
- pay in advance
- pay off an advance
- receive an advance
- repay an advance
- transfer an advance
2. adj
предварительный; авансовый

- advance installment
- advance loan
- advance payment
3. v
1) развиваться; делать успехи
2) повышать (цену и т.п.); повышаться, расти
3) выдвигать (предложение и т.п.)
4) авансировать
5) ссужать деньги

English-russian dctionary of contemporary Economics. 2014.

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